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UnifyDoc is a tool for solving companies' problems related to making time-consuming, troublesome modifications in the formatting of documents.

The tool is intuitive and functional. The formulas integrated into the ribbon of Microsoft Office Word do not require switching to a different view or using other applications.

Working within the word processor, UnifyDoc allows every user to quickly and easily:

  • Harmonize styles across document – substitute styles in the document with styles defined in the template
  • Define document data – create document metrics according to a specified template
  • Fill-out pre-defined data depending on factors such as the language of the document or the branch/office of the company (contact particulars)
  • Create a new document based on a specified template and its styles (fax, email, letter, offer, PPT presentation etc.)

UnifyDoc formats all elements of styles defined in MSOffice templates, including:

  • Size and type of font
  • Headers and titles
  • Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Text justification settings
  • Paragraphs and line spacing
  • Tabulators.
Additionally, as a part of template specified content (author and contact particulars of the office or other) formats page headers and document footers in different language versions.

The user of UnifyDoc may decide how the tool is supposed to react to undefined styles (not included in the template, such as for example changed formatting /formatting defined by the document author). UnifyDoc allows you to:

  • Remove undefined styles and highlight text, in which the style has been removed
  • Remove additional formatting of characters within paragraphs
  • Restore default formatting of whole paragraphs.

Benefits of UnifyDoc

  • Each employee receives a simple tool for standardization of documents
  • Every document generated in the company is consistent with the accepted style guide
  • Time saving – with UnifyDoc formatting is done with a single mouse click.

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The project is co-financed from the funds of Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013 under the European Regional Development Fund.